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  • Tablero informativo de facturación electrónica en Yafacture (dashboard)
  • Crea cotizaciones y envíalas por whatsapp o correo en Yafacture (quotes)
  • Genera y timbra comprobantes fácilmente y hasta 72 horas menos en Yafacture (invoices)
  • Cancela comprobantes o clonalo para poder editarlo y generar una nueva factura en Yafacture
  • Ten en calendario las descargas masivas y automatiza tus facturas emitidas o recibidas desde Yafacture (downloads)
  • Dale seguimiento tu descarga masiva para saber cuantos comprobantes recibiste o emitiste directamente conectado con el SAT
  • Configura tus logotipos, tus folios, los textos y el diseño para tu factura comprobante digital CFDI desde Yafacture (settings)
  • Guarda tu catálogo de productos en Yafacture y utilizalo en el buscador como listado de precio o para tus facturas electrónicas (products)
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Why choose Yafacture?

User-friendly and highly intuitive platform


Your Ultimate CFDI Solution

Easy account setup or migration

Comprehensive analytics and insights

3x faster than competitors

Effortlessly create tickets and email them

Accessible from anywhere, anytime No installation hassle

Dedicated customer support at your service

Easily manage multiple accounts

Empower your customers with self-service and catalogues

Streamlined platform for invoicing, file management, validation, and analytics

How invoices work?

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Just drag your customer's certificate to get the data

Arrastra la constancia de tu cliente para que no tengas que capturar desde Yafacture (drag & drop)

Forget about manually entering or making mistakes in client data

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Add concepts, taxes, or supplements to your invoice

Agregar conceptos para facturar de manera muy sencilla en Yafacture

We take care of all the invoice calculations to make it simpler

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See how the invoice will look before generating it with the preview

Ve la vista previa de como quedaría tu factura en Yafacture

Visualize before stamping your invoice that everything is correct

Stamp and share
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Finish and send your invoice to your clients via WhatsApp or different emails

Compartir por whatsapp una factura o por correo desde Yafacture

We want your client not to tell you that they haven't received their invoice, so you can easily share it with them

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Rest assured, all files stored on the platform are encrypted for maximum security.
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Answers to Your Queries


What is the platform used for?

It facilitates quotation creation, CFDI invoice generation and cancellation, tracking CFDI movements, automated SAT downloads, XML validation, and much more.


Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, all you need is internet access to access the Yafacture platform.


Are there any additional charges for using the platform?

Absolutely not. We never impose annual or monthly fees, only charging for the credits you consume.


Do credits have an expiry date?

No, your purchased credits remain valid indefinitely. We've got you covered.


Do I need to pay extra when SAT updates?

No extra charges. We automatically keep you updated without any additional cost.


Can I access the platform from my mobile devices?

Yes, the platform is fully accessible from any device, ensuring seamless functionality.


Can I cancel my CFDIs through Yafacture?

Certainly. Simply navigate to the report section where a cancellation button will be provided. It's that simple.


What files are generated upon creating an invoice?

Upon creating an invoice, a PDF and XML are automatically generated and sent to your clients via email.


What PAC number does Yafacture have with the SAT?

While we're not a PAC ourselves, we have strong alliances with multiple PACs to ensure uninterrupted service for our users.

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